Provide traditional financial institutions (banking, securities, funds, insurance, etc.) and emerging financial institutions (payment, credit investigation, consumer finance, Internet finance and small loans) with solutions to big-data applications, like the analysis of personal risks and value, merchant and industrial development analyses and risk and evaluation modeling and help partners with user insights, risk control, business improvement, financial innovation, etc.
Product matrix of financial technology
Fintech Solutions
Solutions to internet finance

Improve the services from the marketing terminal to risk control and post-loan links regarding the whole-process service system of Internet finance

Solutions to merchant finance

Provide small and micro businesses with solutions to online loans covering data + strategy + business mode from marketing to post-loan management

Solutions to scene finance

Based on the integration of industrial resources, the autonomous scene service platform helps the industrial APP to attract and divert customers and take control of pre-loan risk through coordination among the financial service provider, funding party and scene party

Solutions to credit card

Come up with solutions to key data and anti-fraud practices in a multi-dimensional and efficient way pertaining to the post-loan limiting and cashing card risk identification of the credit card industry

Solutions to data research and investments

On closer examination of core capabilities, support investment institutions in data coverage and applications, provide comprehensive reports on data analysis and conduct the trend analysis for their industrial decisions

Solutions to cooperative finance

Optimize the decision model, extend product services, attract partners, accumulate data assets and create the service ecology of data finance

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