• Data-mining Engineer

    Position Statement:

    1.Take advantage of available data to build models in statistics, classification, regression and recommendation, including but not limited to risk model, credit model and advertising recommendations;

    2.Apply advanced mathematical statistics to accomplish profound statistical analysis and subdivision;

    3.Track and Monitor the applied statistics model and adjust the problems occurs accordingly;

    4.Learn the world’s most advanced technology in modeling and data mining, and share knowledge and experience with colleagues.

    Job Qualifications:

    1.Relevant majors in computer, statistics, mathematics, bachelor degree or higher, more than 3-year working experience;

    2.Comprehend and master various commonly used algorithms, such as clustering, classification, regression, etc.;

    3. Familiar with C/C++ or Java, and at least one scripting language, such as Python, Ruby, etc.;

    4.Interested to massive data mining and machine learning, careful enough and able to work under pressure;

    5.Has strong ability in data analysis and logical reasoning, familiar with R, SAS and other statistical software, has basic knowledge of statistics and with practical experience.

  • Java Development Engineer

    Java Development Engineer

    Position Statement:

    1.Familiar with J2EE technology, master Web development technology, proficient in Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Mybatis, etc.;

    2.Proficient with database like mysql, and able to conduct simple database performance optimization;

    3.Skillful in using at least one nosql database, such as mongodb, redis, hbase, etc.;

    4.Skillful in using at least one message queue, such as rabbitmq, activemq;

    5.Good at using program management tools like maven/gradle, git;

    6.Familiar with application servers, such as jetty, tomcat;

    7.With experience in linux system operation, able to work under linus system.

    Job Qualifications:

    1.Participate in the design and development of the company’s server system;

    2.Fulfill the business core coding and assist program managers and testers with products delivery.

    3.Regular code review to ensure the coding quality;

    4.Research new technology and apply into the product development.

  • Front-end Software Engineer

    Front-end Software Engineer

    Position Statement:

    1.Participate in the product front-end development, cooperate with the back-end engineers to efficiently finish the display of product data interaction and dynamic information;

    2.Able to summarize and optimize front-end development components, development model and specifications, maintain and optimize front-end performance of the platform;

    3.Actively explore and summarize the technology development of internet front-end, optimize the WEB interaction and enhance the user experience.

    Job Qualifications:

    1.Bachelor degree or higher, more than 5-year experience in front-end development;

    2.Equipped with good ability in encoding specification and coding organization, possess knowledge of Javascript and familiar with ES6 application;

    3.Proficient in html, css and sass development, skilled in using bootstrap to build front-end pages;

    4.Proficient in applications of Ajax and Jquery, able to complete the corresponding interaction ;

    5.Have a better understanding of Angular JS and its application, have an idea of Angular 2, familiar with React and how it works;

    6.Skillful in using of webpack, gulp and Loadash;

    7.Experienced in Linux system operation and able to work under the Linux system.

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